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8th Generation Family-Owned Business


Our farm is currently home to over 106 Mangalitsa pigs, 3 Highland Scottish cattle, Blackjack the bull, and a bottle raised calf named Trucker. Oh, and of course A LOT of Christmas trees! Even-though we house many animals, the Mangalitsa pig is our pride and joy. We have dedicated a lot of time creating a space in which they are secure and happy. The 250 acres of forest and mud are perfect for their favorite activities such as eating, waddling around in the mud, and well…. more eating. When they are not foraging, they’re fed a non-gmo grain diet which is also supplemented with milk byproducts from our local dairy friends Oasis at Bird in Hand.

The sows, or female Mangalitsas even have their own pregnancy ward where they are provided space to safely birth their babies! Within the next few weeks our farm will have approximately 120 newborns. These beautifully striped Mangalitsa piglets will quickly grow the curly wool-like hair just like their parents within a few months.

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The Mangalitsa pig has a higher fat content than the typical lean Berkshire or Yorkshire pig. Known as the Kobe Beef of Pork, the magnificent flavor of Mangalitsa is unbeatable. Rendered pig fat is widely used in the culinary industry taking flavor up a notch by using the lard for frying, baking, or even smeared on a piece of bread.