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Roll into Summer with Elizabeth Farms!

Nothing screams summer fun more than Elizabeth Farm's newly updated Ag Playground! I'm talking Hamster Wheel, Race Cars, Basketball. Wait for it... Petting Zoo! So now that the baby lambs are here, we will have a small enclosed area where you will be able to interact with them and feed them!

The Updates

The crew at Elizabeth Farms has been transforming and repurposing old farm equipment into this grand playground for years! The once tractor, now turned sliding board will have the kids flying off their feet, literally.

Speaking of flying off your feet, we also added seesaws repurposed from tree logs and tires from the never ending pile. We also used the tires to line and create a mini race car track! Hop in one of our go karts and race around! For those who want to race but not in a car, we have something I think you'll like too! The new Hamster Wheel is this year's fan fav! Simple, yet endless amounts of fun, just climb in and run! Race against your buddy or just enjoy pretending to be a hamster for a bit.

Another great addition this year is our once farm hopper now turned arcade style basketball! There's 2 hoops so you can compete with your friends or just brush up on your shots! And yes, Mom and Dad, you can join in too! In fact, we have numerous tables, swings and even a sand box for the little ones so everyone is comfortable!

The playground is always open at every event so there's always something for the kids while you enjoy an outing for yourself! And besides from the newly updated playground + petting zoo, we also have yard game favorites! Between Giant Jenna and Corn Hole, we promise there's fun for every age! We're constantly adding to and updating the farm and seek to be a place for everyone to enjoy themselves and relax, especially parents!

If you're looking to switch up the playground routine and want to have some fun too, come experience Elizabeth Farms Fourth Friday Event! It's free admission and a great time to check things out!

Our next event is Friday, June 23rd kicking off at 4pm!

See you there!

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